12 March 2019

STUTTGART 21 is currently probably the most important project in Germany.
We are proud, we build with . . .
The Albvorland Tunnel with a length of more than 8 km and the Bossler Tunnel are just two of the projects in which a large part of the plant technology of WMW is used for tubbing production.
Regardless of whether the segments are in circulation production as on the Bossler or in stand production as at Albvorland, we met the specifications and installed the solutions for both customers. Depending on the advance of the tunnel drilling machine, work is carried out 7 days a week in 2- or even 3-shift operation on the machines, here the plant technology must be mature and robustly built. 
At Albvorland we supplied bucket conveyors, bridge distributors, cleaning systems and accessories, everything that was needed between the mixing plant and the mould.
For the Bossler project, we supplied a 4 m³ concrete distributor in the distribution bridge and weighing equipment for the correct concrete discharge and for the logistics of the concrete requirement.