Doha (QAT)

05 March 2019

Tubbing production in Doha/Qatar

Whether for the Metro at Golden- and Green- Line or the waste water project IDRIS, WMW's know-how was often used.

For the soccer World Cup 2022 in Doha/Qatar an 82 km long metro tunnel system and a sewage system will be built.
For the Green Line (Metro), which runs from north to south, we supplied a complete concrete distribution system for filling the tubbings.
The plant concept is a double plant, the plant was planned and realised in two halls due to the large capacity requirement. We drive into the halls with one bucket conveyor each and supply the semi-portal distributors with the corresponding quantities of concrete. Each segment can be assigned exactly to the respective concrete batch, which allows an exact traceability.
The buckets have a volume of 2.25 m³ and travel up to 3 m/s, which means that the long distances can be covered in the shortest cycle times.

The concrete distributors in semi-portal bridges with a span of over 13 m have a volume of 2.5 m³.
The project has already been completed at Doha after several years of production. The plant components were dismantled and are now working in the neighbouring DUBAI.

The plants for IDRIS and Golden-Line were built in a similar concept.