Machatschkala (RU)

20 February 2019

After more than 4 years of planning and approval, but in the shortest construction time, a new plant for the production of precast concrete parts was opened in Machatschkala in 2015.

The plant produces flat concrete parts such as solid, sandwich and double walls as well as element and solid ceilings, and also produces concrete pipes, shafts and various special parts.

A 1.5 m³ WMW bucket conveyor as a monorail system ensures the concrete supply to all plants in the individual factory halls. The double rail end piece ensures smooth filling of the tilting bucket. Intermediate silos and chutes were supplied by WMW for the transfer to the production machines.

A 3.0 m³ WMW pipe filler enables the concreting of pipes with nominal widths of 1200 - 2500 mm by means of a 360° rotary movement. A hydraulic unit lifts or lowers the lifting frame in the specially designed travel frame. The concrete is discharged via a flat slide gate with downstream discharge chute. This chute is adjusted to the desired pipe diameter by means of a hydraulic cylinder.

A WMW distribution bridge as a concrete spreader bridge with a span of more than 15 metres enables the pipe filler to drive both transversely and longitudinally.